Cover to Cover

Authors From
The College of Arts and Sciences

Celebrating the faculty authors of the College of Arts and Sciences, this exhibition features 21 book cover designs from 16 different academic disciplines.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic unit of The University of Alabama and one of the most comprehensive liberal arts colleges in the Southeast. With 86 degree programs in 22 departments, the College offers its nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students a diverse and rich curriculum, as well as an enormous variety of creative, scholarly, experiential, and outreach opportunities.

Our students also benefit from access to a truly outstanding group of 480 faculty. These faculty are not only expert and dedicated teachers but also active researchers and scholars, producing in the 2016-2017 academic year an impressive 33 books, 984 scholarly articles or chapters, and 852 creative activities. College faculty are leaders in their disciplines, at the forefront of their fields, making new discoveries, generating new knowledge, and confronting fundamental questions about society, science, art, and humanity.

To introduce the Tuscaloosa community to the work of our talented faculty, the College presents this exhibit, “Cover to Cover: Authors from the College of Arts and Sciences.”The selection of recently published faculty books is drawn from the College’s three divisions: social sciences, natural science and mathematics, and humanities and fine arts. From critical studies of pop culture to essays on teaching evolution; from a detailed study of international development to a survey of earthquake science and research in the Eastern Mediterranean Region; from a young adult novel to an exploration of how life experiences

influence musical compositions–our faculty demonstrate again and again the depth and range of their intellectual pursuits. Once you have explored this exhibit, we think you will agree that “This is how College is meant to be.”