Lucid Dreams- Photography by Sharon Murphree February 5th -March 26th

Aurora Over the River Bank
Sharon Murphree
Image courtesy of the artist
Sharon Murphree works in almost total darkness with a variety of materials including translucent gel and multiple light sources to achieve her dreamlike landscapes. She hopes that to the viewer, “at first glance, the images appear to be a serene landscape or seascape – a familiar horizon that has been seen again and again. But upon a longer look, the idea of what the viewer is looking at changes as they begin to question what they are seeing.” Among her influences are the luminous works of the Hudson River School, and the ephemeral seascapes of J.M.W. Turner. Murphree’s landscapes also reflect her interest in the “effects of humanity on our environment.” She writes, “Climate change and how Earth’s ecosystems and geology in the Anthropocene have changed should resonate with viewers as they are able to see a place no one living today has ever viewed until now. What might the world look like in the future compared to the images I create?”
Murphree, originally from Tuscaloosa, earned the BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2018 and studied ceramics at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, in Florence, Italy. She is the owner of Sharon Murphree Photography and her clients include Tuscaloosa Magazine and the Preservation Society Quarterly.
This exhibition runs  February 5th through March 26th. The public is invited to two  “socially-distanced” First Friday receptions: February 5, and Friday March 5th, both from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., in the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in downtown Tuscaloosa. Visitors must wear face coverings inside the Cultural Arts Center and maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others. The DWCAC is limited to fifty (50) visitors at a time.
To ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, visitors must wear face coverings inside the gallery and maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others. Have questions or need assistance? Call (205) 345-3038.